Our Mission / Mandate

Effective, Just and Humane Responses to Crime, its Causes and Consequences In furtherance of its Mission, the Society:

Guiding Principals



Our Strategic Plan

The management structure of JHS Ottawa underwent significant changes in 2008/2009. Organizational restructuring was an inevitable eventuality after a period of such growth as we experienced in both programs and personnel. Through processes of reclassification, collaboration and competition, five directors were identified with responsibilities for the three service departments—Adult Justice Services, Youth Justice Services, and Employment and Training; the agency’s administration, including Finances, Human Resources and Information Technology; and, clinical issues related to service development and delivery, and evaluation of program effectiveness.

The goal in the first year and through the following two years is to achieve an organizational structure characterized by:

continuous improvement informed by our mission, reflection, research, and our vision for the agency;

responsibility and accountability of our agency and ourselves to our clients, our colleagues, our community, our history, our funders, and our respective professions and their related fields; and,

clarity and consistency in processes that govern and guide action at the levels of board, management, department, program and practitioner.

Toward this goal, the Directors, including the Executive Director, established these targets for this first year:

The Directors’ team will continue to meet biweekly in the coming year to accomplish the goal of organizational restructuring through activities that achieve these targets.